dark taxa

by code ascending

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LightsAndLines I LOVE this band, they have one of the biggest live sounds ever and write incredible tunes. GReat new release and a wonderful surprise! Probably haven't listened to this enough times yet to pick a favourite track but Thermite is a real banger! Favorite track: thermite.
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released December 22, 2019

Produced by Pat Collier
Recorded @ Perryvale Studios, Forest Hill, London on 23rd/24th November 2019
Mixed by Pat Collier & code ascending

Listen well and play loud

For Tom and in loving memory of our Nanny Eileen. x


all rights reserved



code ascending Crawley, UK

While in between musical projects, James Harrison (Drummer - Air Formation/You Walk Through Walls/Monster Movie) started writing songs and creating a sound. Putting together the band, recruiting Alex and Laurence, they have been busy refining their live set. Their sound is a huge noisy onslaught of bass driven alternative shoegaze. ... more

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Track Name: sea of faces
so many people in this town
i find myself in the centre and i sit down
i take my seat
the usual place
avoiding physical contact in this time and space
in my place
and i dream that maybe one day i'll find your green eyes
in this sea of faces
and on that day will be a glorious day
and i will never let you go again
somethings wrong! that noise
in the night the front door is opened
and you're gone
must stay strong
Track Name: by my side
I'm going home its time to go
leaving the things that i used to know
same old faces from once before
time to shut these doors
For all the times i died inside
For all those chances that past me by
For my broken dreams my shattered mind
Are healed now you're by my side
i didn't know you were hurting
you never made a sound
delicate flower in the morning sun
trampled through this ground
How was I supposed to know I could've saved your soul.
Track Name: thermite
Here we are again
The clouds will burn the tides will turn
and as skies become torn
as gravity ends the sea becomes airborne
As the thermite burns your structures down
nothing but decay will ever be found
and then i'll boil your seas and all because you rejected me
And as time suspends
His mercy will end for all of his children
and as the wise trees return to their seeds
nature begs on her knees now
Track Name: goodbye
once bitten, i'm so high
we make our love and then we kiss goodnight
final time, turn away
through your disguise i recognise your pain
And as our civilisation it breaks down
I can no longer make you stay this way
but i wish you well my friend so good bye
i'm asleep, waking dream
but in this darkness i still feel everything
I reach out, lifeless eyes
I can no longer stomach all your lies

And i wish you well.
Track Name: ten thousand slaves
its always the same on the Sunday's
how i'd make my way down town
I'd learn my lessons, you'd teach me
in all the ways that you'd let me down
searching for my future
while running from this past
i'm so tired of being one of the ten thousand slaves
that keeps you where you are
Track Name: dark taxa
return of the dance i thought was done
i thought you'd gone i thought i'd won
pleasure and pain now one and the same
i forget your rules and you forget your game
i see your return i see you emerge
commander of this melting iceberg
from the horizon comes the dusk
you laugh as this body turns to rust
you are dark taxa inside my head
i have to relearn you're not my friend
and now the demon is no longer dead
and not it screams the commands "give in to me!"
"give in to me now i'm here!"
the histories of centuries have come undone
why take your word above my own
empty your mind of all these lies
I spill my guts you take them home
Track Name: burning sun
he's just another fool shouting at the sky
demanding the reasons why
demanding that they answer
but they will never answer
he's just another fool with all his plots and twists
trying to forget he exists
but regret likes to remind him
life always reminds him
been drifting for years below this surface
in search of what is perfect
in this clearest of clearest water
you've never seen such water
i finally let go, i finally understand
release your guiding hand
Alice can now leave wonderland
I finally understand

And after all is said and done
The burning sun she carries on
And after all you know is gone
She just carries on

And I will always tell you how good you look today
And I will always need you to speak the words you say
And I will try to guide help mould you from this clay
Make the time to hold you and filter out the pain

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