what i choose to forget EP

by code ascending

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Recorded by Pat Collier at Perry Vale Studios 5th & 6th March 2016.
Mixed by Pat Collier & code ascending.
All songs by code ascending.


released April 10, 2016

james - bass/vocals
alex - guitar
laurence - drums



all rights reserved


code ascending Crawley, UK

While in between musical projects, James Harrison (Drummer - Air Formation/You Walk Through Walls/Monster Movie) started writing songs and creating a sound. Putting together the band, recruiting Alex and Laurence, they have been busy refining their live set. Their sound is a huge noisy onslaught of bass driven alternative shoegaze. ... more

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Track Name: blink
how you stop me with cold hands from slipping deeper in the sand.
the pink tips of purple skies the climbing of fences the riding high.
the orange clouds they start to pour but you don't make sense anymore.
like all creatures who can choose we are destined to all lose.
and i look into your eyes and i see no light.
how am i so wrong yet so right.
with one hand it comes undone.
and in a blink it is all gone.
i can't make this on my own emotional fuses have all blown.
weeping leaves fall from the trees claustrophobia of bees.
now the men they say its good i wake up deep inside the wood.
i find the church up on the hill for forgiveness take this pill.
Track Name: you'd say
i once knew a child i once knew a man.
we shared one mind but without a plan.
i once knew a song i once knew a dream.
i climb in and drift down the freezing stream.
and i dreamt of you and as you started to slip away.
i'm just one of a few who held you on that day.
so lets stop this now and all the hurting that you pay.
lets set each other free now tell me what you'd say.
how you look at me as i held you in my hands.
no matter how hard i tried i could never understand.
its just the world and you now distant skies and foreign lands.
but how do you learn to stand on liquefacting sands.
Track Name: i wish i
we're all high as kites come the end of the night.
feeling dead and alone its time that i leave for home.
letting my loved ones fail emotions dry and stale.
but still you play around you creep around without a sound.
living our indulgent ways its the way to behave.
by building bridges its myself i try to save.
remember the broken man and laughing at his tears.
he's now in the lost and found at the people pound and has been for many years.
i wish i could feel for you. knew just how you felt.
could of been there. i wish i could've done more for you.
you are the one who can make me. who can break me. who can build me. who can save me.
Track Name: evolution
its a clear day in the city do you remember the city.
i never kissed your cheek or told you how i felt.
i remember feeling your pain as i shared the blame.
not knowing what to do its too late for me too.
we need evolution not revolution. to be free. for you and me.
searching for a solution to this devolution. relentlessly. destroying me.
remember the paths we took how they crossed they misunderstood.
i'm letting go now of denial its time now that we reconciled.
i'm rising up we're climbing hills. i'm running warm now through the fields.
all the things that we chose. how my heart it stopped and froze.
Track Name: all falls
pushing at the stars i might breath again its all falls to my knees and we prey. wishing for your deepest desires night after night we fight back the forest fires. you would always tell me that you were fine you would always look at me and you'd say. too survive we can no longer stay. on the backs of snails we make our getaway.
what once was love is now shattered glass. collapsing down the falling stars. all sense all thought is deserting. we burn it burns it consumes me.
i remember how we used to talk. i think right back and now i miss you. but it was lost so long ago but if you never try then you'll never know. how we ran for hours in the darkness i'd stare at you how you'd smile. turn around to see the town but the sun has already gone down.
Track Name: no more
in the pouring rain i feel what you mean to me. in labyrinthian style we try to move on. the micro-mosaic walls they shield us from the outside. how can we ever hope to heal if you only run and hide.
I fear for you future. i fear for you past. i hope that this tarnish will never last.
i'm surrounded by concrete and i'm unable to move. it becomes apparent that in your head you have so much to prove. you cannot see all the things you have got to lose. i cannot shake the idea that this place has you consumed.
I tell you i love. I tell you i need you. and still you insist on hurting me.
I wanted the best. you tore it from my chest. well no more this ends here today. I tell you i love. I tell you i need you. and still you insist on hurting me.
I wanted the best. you tore it from my chest. well no more YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME NOW!